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Andy Fleet Feet Birmingham Owner

Andy & Megyn

Owners Fleet Feet Birmingham



My family and I moved to Birmingham in the Summer of 2007 to open Fleet Feet Sports. Megyn and I met and got married while we lived in Atlanta, GA. In 2003, my search to enjoy my work and be around "fitness" brought me to Fleet Feet Sports Johns Creek. What started as a "customer experience" where I finally got a great pair of running shoes turned into a vocation for the next 4 years. What did I find in those 4 years? I found people who needed help, guidance, and most of all the desire to be treated well. As I served people on the fitting stool I also found my passion for guest service. I love making people feel good and important. I liked my job so much my wife and I decided to venture out on our own and take our business model to Birmingham, AL.


Brian Hulbert - FIT Specialist since 2010, Accessory Manager

Brian joined the Fleet Feet Birmingham team in 2008




 Lauren Pray - FIT Specialist

Lauren joined the Fleet Feet Birmingham Team in 2015 . 







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