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Fleet Feet Birmingham is excited to present to you our running hydration solutions, powered by Nathan Sports. Proper hydration becomes very important as we approach the intense heat and humidity of Alabama late spring and summer. Maintaining optimal hydration is not only important for performance, but is also very important for safety.

On Dehydration:

The products you choose to keep hydrated are determined by your own personal preferences, but also by the kind of running you will perform. Determine the best hydration solution based on empirical evidence generated during your training runs.

Road or trail, long or short, Fleet Feet Birmingham accommodates every running objective. For athletes that prefer to keep their water in their hands, we have three handhelds. The QuickShot Plus is Nathan’s smaller handheld with a 10oz. squeezable flask with Race Cap, which offers quick bursts of fluid. It features a zippered pocket that allows for on-the-go storage of smaller key items like food and nutrition. The adjustable hand strap and thumbhole also allows for relaxed hands during workouts and races.

The standard sized bottle we carry is the Nathan QuickDraw Plus. The bottle holds 22oz. of fluid, slightly over 2 times the volume of the QuickShot Plus. This is Nathan’s best-selling handheld, including a thumbhole for alternative hand positions, easy-squeeze bottle, and light weight fabrics. For those wondering, the pocket will hold an iPhone or other comparable sized phones.

HandheldsFinally, we also have the SpeedDraw Plus. The bottle incorporates a unique, double-wall insulated and hi-viz reflective SpeedDraw Flask with Race Cap. The bottle holds 18oz. of fluid and incorporates a similar sized pocket to the QuickDraw Plus. The larger flask design is also very ergonomic which may decrease hand fatigue during your training runs.

All of our handhelds come in different colors to suit your aesthetic preferences. We do carry stand-alone 22oz. Tru-Flex Bottles and Push/Pull caps in case you do not prefer the Race Cap included in the QuickShot Plus and SpeedDraw Plus designs.

For those that prefer to hold their water in a waist pack, we carry the Triangle and Peak in a variety of colors. These waist packs are designed to provide easily Waist packaccessible, bounce-free hydration, and plenty of storage. The major distinguishing feature between the Triangle and Peak are the bottles. The Triangle comes with a 22oz Tru-Flex Bottle while the Peak features the 18oz Speed Draw Flask. Both waist packs feature an angled, insulated bottle holder which allows for easy one-handed access and bounce-free ride, and zippered stretch pockets.

FHPL 020or those that prefer to carry their fluids in a vest and those that routinely do long runs in trails, our vests are a good solution. We carry three hydration vests distinguished mainly by storage capacity. Our smaller run vests are the HPL #020 and Intensity. These two vests are the same except for a slight difference in placement of the chest strap in the Intensity to accommodate feminine anatomy. Both vests feature a 2L bladder, 300 cubic inches of storage with bladder (400 cubic inches without bladder), a bottle holder and pockets.

VAPORThe VaporCloud and VaporShadow vests are more feature filled. They both come with a 2L insulated bladder and have 561 cubic inches of storage with bladder (671 cubic inches without bladder), with an incredible variety of storage solutions. The vest is designed to keep the contents of your bag up and close to the body.

ELEVATIONFinally, we also carry the Elevation pack for those that want to maximize the amount of supplies they can carry for ultra-long runs and races; a portable aid station. It features a 2L bladder with 812 cubic inches of storage space with bladder (945 cubic inches without bladder) with a great variety of zippered stretch mesh pockets and bottle holders.

Staying hydrated is critical to your running performance and, more importantly, for preventing heat-related illnesses. With our great variety in hydration solutions, we are confident you will find a product that will work for you here at Fleet Feet Birmingham. Stay hydrated to run farther, longer, and harder!

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