Preparing for a Half or Full Marathon

Getting ready for an upcoming marathon or half marathon? First time running 13.1 or 26.2 miles? Maybe you are a little nervous? Pre race jitters are normal, but no need to be nervous! We have some tips to help you prepare for your big race!

It's important to be prepared before your race so you don't have to worry about getting everything together the morning of the race. That's really early! 
Here is a list of things to get together the day before your big race:

  • Pick and lay out the clothes you want to wear, including layers for colder race days. 
  • Attach your race bib to your race shirt.
  • If you have a time clip, go ahead and attach it to your shoe.
  • Charge your electrical devices you plan on carrying during the race (iPod, GPS watch, phone, etc.).
  • Pack your pre/post race items in a bag ready to grab in the morning (see list at bottom of article).

Item List for Pre/Post Race Bag:

  •  Watch/GPS tracker
  • Hydration (water belt, bottle, etc.)
  • Snacks (pretzels, gu, etc.)
  • Lip balm
  • Sunglasses/Hat
  • Gloves (cold weather)
  • Money (in case you need to buy extra materials before or after the race)
  • Toilet Paper/Tissues (just in case there is none in the port-o-potties)
  • Rain gear
  • Safety pins (always come in handy)
  • Vaseline or Body Glide (for chafing)
  • iPod & Headphones
For the morning of the race, make sure to eat a light breakfast. Try not to introduce any new foods that you are not used to, that way you won't have any weird reactions to different foods. Have a cup of coffee if you are used to drinking it before races. Since you have already laid out your clothes the night before, it is easy for you to get dressed! 
Visit the bathroom before leaving your room. It's best to get the job done there than in the port-o-potties during the race. 
Plan on getting to the starting line 60 minutes before the race starts, but also factor in time for parking. There may be buses that run from the parking areas, but you never know how much time that will take.
When you are at the starting line, RELAX. You have trained for this. You are ready. Believe in yourself! Sip your water or sports drink, nibble on a snack, and visit the port-o-potty one more time. Shed the warm clothes that you know you will get too hot for, and make sure you have everything you need for the race. 
Now, get ready to dominate that half or full marathon! Good Luck! 



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