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  2. Please note, all questions with a " * " are mandatory to help us prepare for your Workplace Fit!

We ask that you complete the following form so that we can determine your footwear needs and get to know you better! This information is essential in helping us prepare to bring you the shoes and insoles that best fit your needs. 

Our goal with Workplace Fit is to help you feel better on a day-to-day basis.  If you experience any sort of foot, leg or back pain, insoles and proper fitting shoes can make a huge difference.  If you are looking for a new pair of walking, running or workout shoes, we specialize in analyzing your feet and fitting YOU!

All shoes, socks and insoles bought on-site on "Insert Date" will be 20% off.  We will be bringing a selection of running and walking shoes (no trail shoes) from "insert brands we are bringing onsite" along with "insert type of sock" and "Superfeet Premium Insoles". The regular price of shoes range from $120 to $150 and the regular price of insoles range from $30 to $55 (and all products will be 20% off on-site).  All employees are responsible for paying for product.  We will accept cash, credit and check on-site.

"insert pictures of Brand Logos we are talking to event here"

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